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Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule

Special Meeting -- to welcome the Rotary RV Fellowship Caravan to the area...

Thursday, June 28, 2018 6:30pm
Location: Memorial Park -- Meaford

"And now, for something completely different....!!"

This last meeting of this Rotary year will be something different.  Following up on the Rotary International Convention in Toronto, 23 "rigs" belonging to members of the Rotary RV Fellowship will make their way to our area, where they will be hosted for 5 days.

Their stay in this area will be at Memorial Park campground in Meaford, where T-C Rotary will host them at a welcoming BBQ and party!!  Our own Rotarian Rick Offord is the "Wagon Master" of this rolling rally, and will be leading them through various activities in our area -- all aimed at showing off our beautiful home community.

The catered meal is bound to be delicious and you are asked to make sure you RSVP to Rotarian Mike ASAP.  Bring your spouse!  Bring a friend or neighbour!!  Let's show our fellow-Rotarians some REAL Rotary Fellowship while they're here in town!!

Like the other Rotary Fellowships that we are familiar with -- curling, motorcycling, etc. -- the "RVF" as they tend to call it bring together like-minded Rotarians to enjoy something for which they have a common passion.  You will like meeting these folks!!

Knowing RV-ers, there's bound to be campfires and comraderie......bring a jacket and a lawn chair.




Contact: Mike Atkins
Phone: 519-377-0464
Email: atkinsmichaelr@gmail.com

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