This is your opportunity to nominate deserving residents of the Town of the Blue Mountains for the 2nd Annual Kindness Awards sponsored by the Thornbury-Clarksburg Rotary Club. Who do you know that has spent many hours being kind to others in our community or beyond, or being kind to nature and animals? The deadline for nominations is October 16th, 11:59pm. Each of the three selected winners will receive two complimentary tickets to our upcoming Kindness Gala where they will receive their awards.  
Last year, at the Bridge of Kindness inauguration ceremony, the Thornbury-Clarksburg (T-C) Rotary club awarded three Kindness awards to very deserving community residents. The T-C Rotary club has decided to make these awards an annual tradition and to invite community members to nominate residents they feel are very deserving of an award. We have many residents who kindly and quietly devote hours of their time to improve the lives of other residents, to protect animals and nature of all kinds in our community, and to improve the lives of those in need beyond our community.
It is important to celebrate people and their stories of kindness in our community as a reminder to us all of the value of kindness. Not only is there the obvious value to the receiver, but there is also the scientifically proven value of improved mental and physical health to the giver. In addition, sharing these stories reminds us of the importance of kindness in building a resilient and thriving community.
Nomination forms are available HERE and include details regarding eligibility rules and how to submit nominations. Hard copy nomination forms are also available at Riverside Press, 22 Louisa St East, Thornbury during regular business hours. The deadline for this year’s nominations is Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 11:59pm. Each of the three winners chosen will be informed by October 31st and each will receive two complimentary tickets to the T-C Rotary KINDNESS Gala (on Nov 12, 2022 at the Georgian Peaks Club) where they will be honoured with their “Wheel of Kindness”.
Let’s celebrate how Our Community Runs on Kindness!