Recently, the T-C Rotary club donated $5,000 to support the building of new washrooms for the primary school in Cihuatlan Mexico (a small town on the Pacific Coast near Manzanillo). A large earthquake last September 19th severely damaged the existing washroom wing of the primary school. That facility was condemned with the result that the 195 students and staff have had to rely on two port-a-potties on loan from a local farmer since then. Replacement was needed as the farmer needed them back for his own use early this spring. One of our members spends winters in the area and is an honorary member of the nearby Rotary club of Costelegra that organized the project to build 8 new washrooms (4 for girls and 4 for boys) at a cost of $23,000 Canadian. The balance of the funds were raised locally along with another large contribution from a Rotary club in the US.
The washrooms were completed in April. The school principal is happy with the completed project and is very appreciative of the Rotary Clubs who have funded this project. No longer do 200 plus students and staff have to share 2 port-a-potties that stood in the blazing sun.

Thank you to our community members for making it possible for us to help those in need beyond our borders! Our international work is an important, though smaller part, of how we distribute donations and is a key part of the Rotary International Mission to "provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace".