T-C Rotary club was pleased recently to receive a very interesting presentation about a new program being run through Grace United Church.  As presenters Diana Dolmer and Carol Clarke explained, Georgian Bay Home Share is aimed at matching up individuals in the community that are home “seekers” with others in the community who are prepared to be home “providers”.  Driven especially by the local demographics and the affordability of accommodation, the basic model of Home Share seeks seniors in particular who are living alone in their homes and could use both a little income and some help around the home.  The company and fellowship of such an arrangement can’t be ignored either.
The 2021 Census provides some stunning numbers about our local demographics – according to the census, of the 4350 households in The Blue Mountains, 1255 (29%) are occupied by one person, while 2025 (47%) house two people.  Similar numbers apply to neighbouring Meaford.  Thus, less than 25% of households are occupied by multi-person families.
Through a very careful and thorough screening process, local volunteers of Home Share look to match a “seeker” with a “provider”.  The actual decision to try the arrangement is left completely up to the “seeker” and “provider”, and the Home Share role to is to try to find and facilitate a match most likely to succeed.  Should things not work out, either party can terminate the arrangement. 
Even though Georgian Bay Home Share has only been operating for 3 months now, they have already facilitated a match, which appears to be working well!  The current issue is that the “seekers” who have applied far outnumber the “providers”, and Home Share is eager to spread the word about this new idea in hopes that more prospective “providers” will consider taking part in this win-win approach, meaning that more matches can be made.
The presentation resulted in a lively and thoughtful question and answer time and members went away with an interesting new idea to entertain and share.
For more information, check out the Georgian Bay Home Share website -- georgianbayhomeshare.ca