Frequently, Rotarians have a “pet project” within Rotary.  It might be water or sanitation projects, or literacy, or Youth Exchange or local projects.  From the many good works that Rotary does in the world, we all have one or two that really “turn our crank”. For Thornbury-Clarksburg Rotary’s 2023-24 Club President, John Bailey, it is ShelterBox, the disaster relief organization associated with Rotary that provides shelter and basic needs in disaster areas all over the world.  In fact, it was ShelterBox that attracted John to Rotary!!

...and now John has been recognized with ShelterBox Canada's All Star Award...

During an Olde Fashioned Christmas evening many years ago, John encountered an impressive ShelterBox tent and display set up on the main street and that was IT…he wanted to be part of that!

And all these years later, John is still “part of that” – as one of T-C Rotary’s two ShelterBox Ambassadors, John has worked tirelessly to promote and fundraise for ShelterBox, often toting the big green box and tent and all the trappings great distances to raise people’s awareness of the needs the organization meets.

John has also been the driving force behind T-C Rotary’s annual Trivia Nights for many years – serving as Quiz Master and doing most of the work to organize these popular events.  The resulting proceeds have provided DOZENS of ShelterBoxes for distribution around the world.  He is recognized by ShelterBox Canada as a “Bronze Level” fundraiser, with credit for more than $25,000 raised for the charity.

One never does these things for the recognition, but during a recent Zoom meeting/presentation to T-C Rotarians by Ally Burk at ShelterBox Canada, wasn’t it delightful to see John surprised and honoured to be informed that he had been selected by ShelterBox Canada for their All Star Award!  

Kudos to John Bailey for his dedication and passion for ShelterBox, and thank you for your years of service.  That All Star Award is well deserved!