To support T-C Rotary’s tent, table and chair rental fundraiser, a maintenance crew is needed from time to time to repair and clean out the trailers used to deliver these items and periodically make sure the tables and chairs are cleaned for the season.

Last Tuesday Rotarians Diane Anderson, Mike Atkins, John Bailey (Club President), Colin Clarke, Craig Findlay, John White and special guest “star” helper Deiter Sebastian the Bailey’s neighbour, turned out to the Blue Mountain Fruit Company work yard to clean tables chairs and one of the trailers they are packed in.

Special thanks go out to the Botden family for the use of the premises, the hot water pressure washer and continued permission to store our trailers on their property.

And extra special thanks go out to Deiter Sebastian who took over the power washer when Rotarian Mike started to flag and finished the job with energy and speed while getting soaked in the process.

Now for the other two trailers ………..