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Kindness in August

Kindness in August

We had an amazing presentation by Dr Sonja Klinsky In August on the topic of climate change and social justice and what kindness has to do with it all. If you missed it or if you attended and wish your family and friends had been there, the video recording is now available for viewing.

  LInk to the recording:  https://youtu.be/Ym3StkLtrTw




Aug 1 2021

Kindness in August

We have more kindness activities coming your way...

Kindness Stories and Contemplations

Have you got a story about someone being kind that you'd like to share? If yes, post it on your Facebook or Instagram account and tag #tcrcommunitykindness. Please be respectful to those you mention and ensure they agree to it first. You can share without mentioning names too.

We also encourage you to post any words of wisdom about kindness - Kindness Contemplations - that you feel are insightful and wish to share with eveyone. You can share these just like you share kindness stories.

The Treasure Quest is back!

During the latter half August, we will once again run our Treasure Quest. As we did in July, we will hide a treasure in a white bag with our Kindness Wheel of Hearts logo somewhere in our Blue Mountains community and post a clue about where to find it on the Saturday morning. So, stay tuned!

Special Speaker 

Our Zoom meeting on August 26th (at 7pm) will be open to all our community members and we will have a special guest speaker - details will be provided here and on our social media pages about two weeks prior with a link to the registration page. Registration is free and we are always most grateful for any donations our community members can make. 

Other KIndness News around Town - this one is about kindness to nature

The Tree Trust (TBM Chapter) is holding a celebration on August 13th at 9am at the Thornbury-Clarksburg Union Cemetery and the public is invited to attend. This celebration will include a dedication, a presentation on how old trees affect our ecology, and also aerial climbing and tree tending in action. They will be tending to an old sugar maple tree to preserve it. The T-C Rotary Club is proud to be one of the key supporters of the Tree Trust's preservation work this year. You can find more information by clicking HERE

We'll be there! Come and join us for the celebration.


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