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Kindness in September

Kindness in September

For those who missed September's speaker event with Carlyn Johnston, member of Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, we are providing a link to the presentation video. Carlyn shared her knowledge, experiences and passion about water and the environment, youth development and the ISWO Standing Bear Youth Program and how it can be offered as a community reconciliation project. She also shared her cultural values surrounding the sacredness and importance of water in sustaining life. 

Link to view the recording: https://youtu.be/5aG_XtmUuTs


Sept 1 2021

September is upon us... and so are more kindness activities!!  Just in time for the young ones in our community to head back to school.

Here's what we have in store for September

Kindness Art Competition at our schools for a 2022 calendar and cards

Our local elementary and high schools will be encouraging all their students to enter their personal "Kindness is..." artwork for our competition. We will be selecting a winner from each grade to feature on a 2022 calendar and cards which will be offered for sale to the community in time for the holidays. You'll want your very own calendar and assortment of cards featuring kindness insights from our talented children and youth!

Daily Acts of Kindness Posts and Calendar

Every day, we will post a different suggestion for a random act of kindness on our social media accounts and tag #tcrcommunitykindness to show the many ways that one can show kindness to themselves, others and nature. You can also download the full one-page September calendar with daily kindness suggestions by clicking HERE.  And to help you reach for the kindness you need, you'll find some "Kindness Tear-offs" about town...what are we talking about? ...you'll know when you see them. smiley

Weekly Kindness Contemplations

Be sure to follow us on our social media accounts for our weekly Kindness Contemplations. We encourage you to post your favourite words of wisdom about kindness and share them with the community by tagging our Facebook and Instagram hashtags –  #tcrcommunitykindness. And we also invite you to similarly share stories of acts of kindness you know of around our community. 

Pay It Forward

Someone receiving kindness feels thankfulness, relief, joy and other positive emotions. People who are giving the kindness say that the best thanks they can receive is for the recipient of their kindness to pay the kindness forward. That's a doubly amazing way to thank the giver of the kindness because it makes the first recipient feel good yet again when paying it forward, and so on and so on...creating an ever-growing ripple effect. This month, you'll see "Pay It Forward" buttons and stickers about town that can be given to someone receiving kindness as a reminder of the best way to say thank you or to wear (or put on binders and backpacks) as a reminder to people who see it of the amazing beauty of kindness. 

Our special guest speaker for the month

Join our Zoom meeting on September 23rd which will feature a very special Indigenous speaker! Stay tuned for more information. 

Get your Kindness T-shirt!

You may have seen our Rotary Club members about town or staff at Foodland and PharmaSave wearing white T-shirts with our wheel of hearts kindness logo on the back. You can get one of your own with a donation of $12 or more on the September long weekend. More information will be available shortly with the hours and locations where you can get yours - check back here or follow us on social media. 

 heart  JOIN US for our September Kindness activities!!!!  heart