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Kindness in February

Kindness in February

February 13 to February 19 was Canada's inaugural Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Small moments that cost nothing but that can have an outsized impact to someone in need or to a small impressionable child....

Fittingly, we have a very special story to share

...a few moments of one's time leaves a small child trembling in absolute delight!

On Tuesday afternoon, Eddie (as in 4 year old grandson) prevailed upon me to have him drive his ATV down our one kliometre lane with his cart attached in order to get the garbage to the bin for pick-up. It was quite the production! He drove, I rode shotgun. When we were at the bin, we got stuck in the snow, not really a big deal as it's a child's ATV.  At that point, there was a roaring sound, and the "Plough" came round the bend. The driver, Rob stopped, got out and asked Eddie if he wanted help, asked if he should get the tow chain. He then manhandled the ATV and wagon onto solid ground.
I have never seen Eddie so excited, he was quite literally trembling. When he got home later in the evening he couldn't wait to tell his father all this excitement!
Really I don't need to add editorial, but that was one of those iconic moments. Rob's kindness and sense of joining in will be a lasting memory for Eddie - and our family! It was one of those neighbourly incidents that in today's world is almost old fashioned. I might add that those I have told the story have been touched and impressed.


T-C Rotary member