Recently, we helped another group of students from BVCS benefit from the amazing program at the Hope Haven Therapeutic Riding Centre. Over the last several years, T-C Rotary has been pleased to provide the needed transportation for select students from BVCS to attend a transformative program at Hope Haven in Markdale. Hope Haven's mission is "to provide a transformative experience through our distinctly designed programs for individuals with (dis)abilities or unique needs".
The feedback from the most recent program was, as always, extremely positive. Here are a few of the comments received by the BVCS:
"Hope Haven is the highlight of much more than his week. He is now confident and has friends!" (a parent)
"If it weren't for Hope Haven, we would still be struggling to get him to school. This is the most confident we have ever seen him!" (a parent)
"The best part about Hope Haven is that I now have friends!" (a student)
A message to T-C Rotary:
"On behalf of the students, families and staff of BVCS, we can't thank you enough for giving these students the opportunity to grow into more confident versions of themselves! From: Caitlin Roach, Learning Resource Teacher, BVCS.
Many thanks to Hope Haven for providing such an awesome and transformative program, and also to the staff at BVCS for making it possible for the students to include this as part of their learning program. 
And many thanks to our TBM community members for helping us make a difference in young people's lives.