In December, The T-C Rotary Club awarded Paul Harris Fellowships to Dan and Shelly Harrison, owners of Bay-Mount Services which supplies water to those in the area with no well or town water, for their many years of support to our club and our community. Over the past 25 years or so that T-C Rotary has been offering tent rentals, we have needed water to fill the barrels that hold the tents when we can't use stakes. Dan and Shelly have supplied water to us at no cost for these many years allowing the Club to retain more of its rental revenue for service projects in our community and beyond. Also, when we needed a base leveled for our Rotary storage container at Blue Water Storage, Dan did the work at no cost. Dan and Shelly have done much to help T-C Rotary over the years, and they have also helped a lot of other non-profit organizations in the Beaver Valley community as well over many years. We are thankful to the Harrisons for all their support and community-mindedness.