The members of the Elgon Ngoma Troupe in Uganda have dreams for a better life and are determined to obtain their secondary school degrees. Some want to go on to become professionals. Covid-19 made it extremely challenging because the pandemic closed schools, and remote learning is all but impossible for this group. When the government opened schools in October 2020, it was only for those students in their final year of elementary or secondary education. The aim was to allow those students to complete the graduating year they had barely begun when the Covid-19 lockdown started. Unfortunately, students have to pay fees to attend school in Uganda. Because of lockdown restrictions, the Troupe was unable to raise any money from performances so could not pay for school fees. With the help of some generous local donors, T-C Rotary was able to step up and fund the fees for four Troupe finalists. They graduated mid 2021 and have successfully navigated through the pandemic lockdowns and are now endeavouring to contribute to their local community and hoping to sontinue pursuing their dreams.
The lockdowns finally ended early in 2022 and schools finally opened for all students in February 2022. The economy has been devastated after 2 years of severe lockdowns and although Elgon Ngoma Troupe has been able to resume its performances, it has been a slow start and the revenue per performance is, not surprisingly, down. This has made it difficult for them to raise all the required funds for school fees for all the youth. Several club members and friends of the club have generously donated towards the education sponsorship of several youth. If you are interested in learning about the needed sponsorships, please send us an email regarding your interest by clicking HERE.