On July 4th, Jeremy Wentworth-Stanley made a deputation about his "O Manners, O Manners, Wherefore Art Thou?" letter in the May Blue Mountains Review. In his deputation, Jeremy highlighted manners is about kindness and how complex the whole topic is. He also stressed the importance of being kind to ourselves so that we can be kind to others. And then, in true "Jeremy-fashion", our new "town poet" ended his deputation with...you guessed it! A new poem!
Jeremy's 'Manners' letter in The Review can be found in our Kindness Korner on our Home Page. This letter gave rise to the Town's invitation for him to make a deputation on the topic to Council. We are thrilled to have Jeremy as a long-time T-C Rotary club member and are so appreciative of his poems over the past several months, that have focused on kindness in its various forms, helping to spread the kindness message throughout TBM. Every small act or simply a nod to kindness takes us one step closer to a better world. 
Jeremy's newest poem...his closing poem at his July 4th TBM Council deputation follows:
The Town of Beautiful Manners
TBM, nameplate and honoured title to the Town of Blue Mountains!
While we ponder the beauty natural of our surrounds, 
Water lapping on beaches, and hills that crown trees and trails;
We blend our human toils, some of intellect, some physical, some of spirit ,
In stride to seed harmony among our blessings of these many faces.

We resolve anew to restate our manner of manners,
We fortify success with kindness, grow gentle charms, embrace in reason.
May Alar be the alloy of leading and doing;
May Shawn be the alloy of doing and leading.

May Manners be the catalyst!