Dr Euler says that the maternity ultrasound project in Ukewere, Tanzania that was supported by T-C Rotary along with clubs in Meaford and Collingwood was a "sonic success". The new ultrasound unit has delivered incredible results, well beyond expected, at the Nansio Hospital which has 162 beds serving more than 500,000 people living in one of poorest districts in Tanzania.
Dr Euler, one of our local physicians, has been doing medical humanitarian work in Ukewere for several years now. Ukewere is a large island in Lake Victoria about three hours by ferry from the mainland. The local Rotary clubs including T-C Rotary have financially supported some of her projects in the past, such as the establishment of a cervical cancer screening program that provided very positive results.
The latest project we supported was for an ultrasound for the maternity ward at Nansio Hospital in Ukewere. Typically, the Nansio Hospital labour ward has 150 to 195 neonatal deaths per year and one to two C-sections per day with 10 to 15 women labouring each day and three to five mothers dying during or shortly after giving birth each year.
The new ultrasound and training was finally completed in early spring of 2021 and the results of been incredible or, as Dr Euler likes to say, a "SONIC SUCCESS". In the first six months of use (from May 2021 to Oct 2021, there were ZERO neonatal deaths, the C-section were rate cut by 75% and there were ZERO maternal deaths. The results for the past 6 months are expected shortly and word has it that they continue to be very positive.
Dr Euler is now busy working on her next project for the Nansio Hospital to establish a much needed capability for sustainable and adequate oxygen supply. We are proud of Dr Euler's amazing work in Ukewere and also of our community's support for our club so that we can help with projects that create sustainable improvements in the lives of people in much lesser developed countries.