T-C Rotary's 2nd annual Kindness Award recipients were recognized this past November at our Kindness Gala. This year, we asked our TBM community to nominate deserving individuals for the awards. And we are thrilled to honour the winners and wish to thank and congratulate the many deserving kind people within our TBM community. A special shout out to the winners of this year's Kindness Awards...
Adrienne Cipp, Massage Therapist for Kindness to children beyond TBM.
Adrienne drove an international project for a school in Kuhuho, Kenya which has a population of 2500. Adrienne and her husband Nick visited Kenya in 2019 with a local charity and they helped build a small school. She then raised money from family, friends and clients to build a well which resulted in school growing from 45 children to 187, 3-10 years old and now serves breakfast and lunch so the  children can learn better. Many of these children are orphans. Adrienne awaits the imminent approval of charitable status for Alaboo.com, a non-profit she set up to continue growing the school. The whole community is now thriving with access to clean water, as well as food and education for their children.
With Adrienne's determination to make a difference, 3 acres of additional land and a bigger school are on the horizon in Kuhuho. 
Adrienne shows great Kindness and compassion for children's health and education in a small community far away, but close to her heart.
Betty Muise for Kindness to Nature and the Environment
Betty was instrumental in establishing the Tree Trust - The Town of the Blue Mountains Chapter and is its Coordinator. Tree Trust TBM is a registered charity run by volunteers who seek to preserve and
protect legacy trees and to plant saplings to grow the tree canopy. Through Betty's success in building partnerships with T-C Rotary, The Town of the Blue Mountains, The Blue Mountain Village Association as well as through her ability to mobilize and inspire local volunteers, our trees have flourished and multiplied. Betty has created a native seed nursery at the Town Tomahawk property using seeds of some ofour best legacy trees. 
Green Kindness is Betty's sustaining gift to our community. 
Jill Kitchen and Rob Robson for Acts of quiet Kindness throughout our community.
School supplies appear in teacher's classrooms...6 years of 'Secret Santas' helping a family in need... 
grocery store cards to support families during the hardest times of the pandemic...support to BVO when families are faced with challenges...Jill and Rob's Quiet Kindness speaks loud in our community.
Jill & Rob were unable to attend the Kindness Gala to receive their award but they sent these words:
"Jill and I would like to thank the Rotary club for including us in their definitions of ‘KINDNESS’. We are a little uncomfortable being so honoured, because we think there are many who are more deserving. It is you, your fellow Rotarians, and an army of caring volunteers who truly deserve this honour. We wish the Rotary success with the Gala. We regret that due to travel plans we will be unable to attend. Please use the enclosed cheque to buy a table and fill it with deserving and kind people." ...and so we filled a table with other deserving people from our community. Thanks again for all you do! Rob and Jill.
Chantelle Brown - Kindness to children and seniors in our community.
Chantelle is the Business owner of Code Red, wife, and mother of three. Chantelle manages to find the
time and energy to help so many in our community through many 'Kindness' projects. She has committed to 1500 consecutive days of kindness. She regularly stocks our Beaver Valley Community School's & Errinrung's staffroom with snacks, organizes monthly staff lunches and Christmas stockings for the staff! Students get field trips and new books, and she runs a seniors programme with meals and transportation.  Chantelle is also giving the greatest kindness to a couple unable to have their own children by being their surrogate. If Chantelle sees a need, she goes about filling it with Kindness.
Congratulations to all this year’s winners!
We challenge everyone to share a simple act of Kindness every day!