We have accomplished much with the help of the kind people in our community!

The past two years have been unusual and challenging with the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns causing challenges with fundraising while also increasing the needs in both our community and beyond. 
With the help of our community, T-C Rotary has been able to rise to the challenge. We have continued with our community service efforts attempting to do as much as possible to alleviate the far-reaching economic and mental health burdens imposed by the pandemic lockdown. We also started a "kindness" campaign as a reminder of both the importance of kindness and the acknowledgment of the kindness that runs deep in our community.
You can read more about our recent community service efforts on this page and discover the unique and special ways that your contributions have been put to work. And please accept our heartfelt thanks for your help in this community effort.
Funding Application for Community Projects
Community Projects
Thank You Everyone for Helping to Plant over 300 Trees!!
Thank you to our community for helping to plant trees with Tree Trust, Town of the Blue Mountains and Rotary. 
Over 300 Trees were planted in two locations! 
Great work everyone and thank you for your kindness!
A district Rotary initiative to distribute potatoes in our local communities has been a great success. Our Club received 250 10lb bags to distribute to Food Banks and to local organizations providing help to those in need. Through the Community Cares program and our school families support program, 70 bags were distributed, through the BVO's Good Food Box program another 80 bags were distributed, and through the Meaford Food Bank 100 bags were distributed. None of this would have been possible without the generous help of Ed Ormsby who has provided a safe haven for the potatoes during the delivery period. Thank you Ed Ormsby for your kindness!
In November 2021, T-C Rotary attended the unveiling of an innovative plaque commemorating the Tree Trust’s rehabilitation of a Sugar Maple in the Thornbury Union Cemetery. This was the second of three trees we have agreed to support so far. The innovation comes from the QR code embedded in the plaque. When scanned by a smart phone, the code brings up the original press release telling the story behind this tree work. Nature and technology working together!
Our partnership with the Tree Trust continues as we join them and the Town in the planting of over 600 seedlings along the Georgian trail in May 2022.
One of the many great community services provided by Beaver Valley Outreach is the Beaver Valley Pre-School. It has become a very popular and invaluable support for families with young children. Qualified staff supervise education and play for children before they are eligible for BVCS. T-C Rotary committed $25,000 in support of the Pre-School – to be paid in $5,000 increments over five years. To-date $20,000 has been paid and the final installment is set for this Fall.
In 2021, T-C Rotary made a $5,000 donation to BVO to fund the expansion of their Community Gardens. While the gardens are multi-generational, this expansion is targeted isolated senior citizens. Many of our seniors have downsized or are unable to maintain in-ground garden beds and they are looking to still be able to garden. Many of them have had limited social interactions due to the pandemic. The expansion will add an additional 10 households minimum to the already 30 households utilizing the garden plot rentals. The project has 3 measurable outcomes:
• 10 more raised beds installed and growing.
• Weight of produce donated – goal is to donate more than 200lbs.
• Increase community engagement – goal is to enlist more volunteers.
The gardens have been hugely rewarding to those involved. T-C Rotary is delighted to see the program grow (no pun intended).
From late 2020 to late 2021, T-C Rotary carried out a delicious discount coupon program aimed at easing the stress of living and working in a pandemic for those who were on the front lines while also supporting local businesses. The Take a Break on Us gift card is worth a $30 discount at a number of local restaurants and 250 cards were printed. It started with the gifting of gift cards to the Errinrung employees who worked to keep our loved ones safe, and Foodland employees who helped keep the store open during the early stages of the pandemic. The balance of the coupons were donated to our local nurses, postal workers, and Pharmasave staff. Our thanks go to all who have served our community through this pandemic.

When BVCS called, T-C Rotary stepped up. We are grateful for the opportunity to support our educators and local elementary students by donating $2,500 to supply the school library with books and related materials for their diversity and inclusiveness curriculum. A big thank you to Jessica’s Book Nook for supporting this project and putting together a great package for the school!